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Hi, to one and all, welcome to my motor sport site.


My name is Terry and you can probably guess I am pretty keen

on motor sports, MGs and photography, in my spare time Im a CAMS licensed volunteer motor sport official and am a member of the Victorian Flagmarshalling Team. The result of my passions is this web site.


As a Flag Marshall I get the opportunity to take the best seat in the house at the Australian Grand Prix, V8 Supercars and many other local and provincial race meetings through out Victoria and in fact around the country. Being an active member of the MG Car Club has given me the opportunity to participate in club competition events as well as officiate at club level, you can rest assured the camera is never far away. So why not share the experience?


Take a moment to browse the galleries and if you like what you see drop me a line and if you really like a particular photo send an order and well get a copy mailed to you, (see the contacts page for details).


If you would like more information on any of the groups that I am involved with click one of the links above and follow your passion,

you never know, one day you may find yourself on my side of the fence.